The Tungsten Pars were conceived and prototyped on the movie "Man on Fire" in 2004. The idea was to create a high efficiency unit that was lightweight, trouble free and easy to use.


T-Pars Tungsten units were the principle lighting source used on the movie "Deja Vu" in 2006 replacing HMIs.


The 12k Tungsten Par unit weighs just 70lbs and puts out 400 foot candles at 25'.


The Metal Halide and Sodium Vapor Pars let you light and match street lights without gel.


The 1000w Sodium Vapor Pars produce 2 stops more light then a baby 10k with sodium conversion gel on it and only draws 4amps of power.


The time and cost savings is evident when putting a 1000w unit in a condor with no gel, powered only by a small generator while doing the same job as traditional lighting unit.


Traditional lights require 2-3 layers of gel to emulate the same color as sodium vapor and metal halide light.


With traditional lighting units the light coming through the gel is one color, the leak light is another color, and the light that bounces off of the gel is yet another color. All of this off color light has to be omitted with solid flags.

T-Pars emit the same color from every angle reducing the need for extra equipment and time.

T-Par 12000    12k Tungsten

T-Par   5000      5k Tungsten

T-Par   2000      2K Tungsten

1000w Metal Halide Par

  400w Metal Halide Par

  750w Sodium Vapor Par

  400w Sodium Vapor Par

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